white chili nom
March 21, 2010, 3:20 pm
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Never made whit chili before but this recipe made me give it a go. Glad I did, well tasty! I didn’t have any broccoli around so just used potato instead of the broc stalks, and added a more spice cos tasted a bit too stock-y half way through. Liking the nacho style cheesly, had it in burritos earlier in the week, too nice.

Flyer. Gig on tuesday was good, Tree of Sores, Mouth = reyt good. Intoblackmirror = really good but played too long. Downfall of Gaia = pretty boring crust.

And I’m addicted to The Promise Ring. Yikes.


Hello again
March 6, 2010, 11:28 am
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Its been a while, but I love looking at other peoples food so I may as well do my own.

Been drooling over these choc peanutbutter pillows for awhile, and yesterday realised how the recipe was all stuff I had, so… ta da!

Really tasty, though better once cooled/the next day I’d say. The chocolate dough seemed reeeeally oily to me but did come out fine. Nice how they’re pretty impressive but super easy to whip up. Housemates and babcake approved.

Here’s the latest flyer. Punk√®mon!