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June 14, 2010, 3:45 pm
Filed under: food

Nothing special, but just wanna get in the habit of updating more.

Pizza from ages ago. Courgette, olives, Linda McC sos, and onion I think. Also some leftover “cheese” slices, but they pretty much liquidized. I’ve been converted to this dough recipe. So so good!

Tofu scramble. Its the last day of my holiday so thought better take advanage and have a real breakfast. If 1 o clock counts as breakfast. I used some smoked garlic in this but you couldn’t really taste it, bummer. Had it with Fiona’s pickled red cabbage and some sweet garlic pickle.

I forgot my camera but me and the bab went to El Piano in York. Was awesome! We had a fleet of – corn basket, thai thai, daal, bhajis, corn fritters, potato salad. Would definitley go back!

We found a huge chinese supermarket, unluckily our bags were pretty full (charity shop finds!) but I got some snackage:

Garlic flavour fried corn snack and bbq fried dough. The dough is a bit what I’d imagine vegan pork crackling to be like, minus the hair. But I’ve never actually ate crackling so who knows. I bought the corn stuff once before years ago, saved the packet and put the awesome garlic man in a zine. MSG to fuck.

There was a continental market on while we were there. I got the smoked garlic, which seems to be a disappointment. To mild for the smokiness to actually stand out. Also got a greek herby olive bread, but I nommed that there.


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