bacon baby!
September 8, 2010, 6:23 pm
Filed under: food

I bought the book In Search Of The Lost Taste about a year ago (mostly cos of the AMAZING cover) but had only really tried 1 recipe. Alot of them are pretty weird, and buying all the ingredients seems like a bit of a gamble. So I searched through in hope of finding summat I had the ingredients for and found the “green bread”. Was pretty nice and went well with the leftovers I have.

Hopefully I’ll get round to another recipe before next year…

On sunday my mum gave me some blackberries from her allotment so of course instead of just eating them I had to turn them into something unhealthy. This was my first go at “coffee cake” so not sure if it was right or not. I took it out abit early cos the top seemed about to burn, so was a little underdone in the middle. I’ll just pretend it was meant to be that moist. Really tasty though, could’ve eaten it all in one go, thankfully I didn’t. Based on this recipe from It Ain’t Meat Babe. Which is also where I got…

an awesome bacon tofu recipe! I added smoked paprika too for a bit more smokiness. So awesome! Seriously, for one cheap block of tofu you can have about 6 sandwiches worth of tasty tasty facon. So much better than the 3quid odd packs of branded stuff. So we had TLTs for (past midday) breakfast while watching big brother winner Come Dine With Me (half hillarious, half gross). Perfect!


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