burger quest
September 16, 2010, 1:04 pm
Filed under: food

For the next issue of my stupid zine I thought I’d do burger reviews. Here’s the first round. Fry’s and Sainsbury’s basics.

I won’t do a full reviw here… Fry’s – really tasty, practically exactly the same as their chunky strips though. Cooking issues, cook through fine but just stay an unappetising grey when ovened. Frying, started to brown but still big grey bits, ended up slightly burning em by waiting for the rest to brown. Sainsbo’s – what you’d expect really, potato, corn, green bean. Overpowerd in a bun with trimmings but actually surprisingly nice on its own.

Speaking of the chunky strips, here’s a wrap with them in a jerk sauce, with onion, pepper and spinach. Takes 5 minutes to throw together and super tasty.

Wrapped Ste style…

On tuesday went out with the Bab’s family, had a nice olive tapenade, roasted pepper, and tomato panini (no pics, don’t wanna weird em out too much yet). Summat mustn’t have sat right though cos next morning I was vomming! Nasty, but anyway once felt like trying food again made a much edited version of the chickpea noodle soup from Veganomicon. Don’t think I can comment on real recipe since I didn’t have mushrooms, miso (used some soy and hendo’s instead) or the right noodles.

Not very attractive but very tasty. Comforting and kinda bland in a nice way. I ate 3 big bowls. Not summat you’d make for friends but good simple feel better food. Really quick (I didn’t cook as long as the recipe said since my noodles were instant) and cheap too!


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