October 29, 2010, 10:47 am
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First time I’ve tried these, saw a box for 29p in a bargain store (B+M, awesome!) so picked em up. Okay, I kinda bought em cos it makes me think Cannoli, and then in turn The Sopranos. Glad I did though. Made a tofu spinach ricotta and filled em with that and topped with tomato sauce then baked. Mmm. Was my first time making tofu ricotta (looked at a few recipes then winged it, (was mashed tofu, sauted onion and garlic, lemon juice, basil, spinach, walnuts, cheddareze, salt and pep), really nice! Definitley be using it in some other meals soon.

We ate it with garlic bread and rocket. My breath was beautifully horrendous.


tofu tikka masala
October 29, 2010, 10:38 am
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This is actually leftovers, from the huge dish I made to take to Fiona’s. As usual we totally overestimated, had enough food for about 10 when there was actually¬† of us! Always nice to be able to go back for 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths though! The masala was pretty nice, though I went a bit overboard with the tomato I think, slightly less saucy and more spicy next time.

viva vegan
October 19, 2010, 6:04 pm
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Finally I’ve got round to trying out some recipes! I chose colombian style red beans, yellow garlic rice and the classic cabbage salad with cilantro citrus vinaigrette.

The beans… Not the prettiest, but really tasty. Nice and sweet from the plantain, would def make again.

Rice… So simple yet so good. I had to use turmeric for the yellow since can’t get my hands on annatto seeds (agh!), so not totally authentic.

Together with the salad on a tortilla. Nom.

There’s so many recipes I’d love to try from this book but sadly really limited by what ingredients I can get my hands on. Annatto, masa, many of the beans and chiles… nowhere except expensive specialist websites it seems! I’ve noticed a big Caribbean grocery on my bus journey to work so that might be worth a shot. Until then I’ll be trawling VV for doable recipes.

meatball sub
October 13, 2010, 11:03 am
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So I’d finished a late shift and was hungry, going through the cupboard in my mind knew I had a pack of that burger mix, passata, and past their sellby ‘mozzarella’ slices. First thought of spaghetti and meatballs but wasn’t sure if had the spag, plus couldn’t be bothered with a proper meal meal. So… meatball sub!

Made a red sauce with onion, garlic, oregano and passata. Browned the meatballs. Put on the rolls with some baby spinach.

Topped with the slices and stuck under the grill til melty. Mmm. Ste said it was pretty much perfection. At my first bite I was thinking I’d still be hungry but by the end I was ready to burst. Pasta sauce and bread is totally a winning combination.

burger quest part 2
October 10, 2010, 12:16 pm
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Or should it be part 3 since its the 3rd burger? Nevermind. The 3rd contender is Asda’s meat free chargrilled burger mix. I was planning on getting other burgers before work but ended up preferring the extra time in bed, so decided I’d find something from the 24hr HUGE asda afterwards. Pretty glad I had that extra snooze time cos these are pretty ace.

Its dry stuff like the Granose burger mix. Tastes very similar, maybe not quite as “fairground burger” as the granose, I’ll let you decide if thats a good or bad point! Definite good point is 78p a pack, which makes 4 big burgers.

Mmm, pretty fucking amazing. We ate these with Full Metal Jacket and strongbow. Good night! Oh and one can of Fizz yellow plum each. Best drink, not too sweet like the other flavours, just like drinking really nice apricoty peachy pop.


get sloppy
October 10, 2010, 11:58 am
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No not sloppy joes. Just a sloppy looking lasagna. I promise it did actually taste nice.

It firmed up later but I was drunk so no photos. Did I make a lasandwich? Hell yeah.

curried udon
October 6, 2010, 5:49 pm
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Curried udon stirfry from Veganomicon. Niice! First time I’ve made a roux based curry sauce, really tasty and easy, looking forward to making variations on it (spicier!). Like chip shop curry sauce but without the tonne of salt+chemicals. We said this is the kinda food we’d love to buy a carton of after a night drinking. I wish!

Had to return Veganomicon to the library yesterday, boo. May buy it in the future. Now time to get stuck into Viva Vegan! If I can find half the ingredients that is… Bloody England!