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October 4, 2010, 11:28 pm
Filed under: food

Yet another pizza…

Tasty greek(ish) meal. Lemony roasted potatoes and mediterranean style baked lima (butter!) beans from Veganomicon with some broc and rocket. Really nice, don’t think I’d want to eat it often though, pretty rich with the olive oil. Sad the potatoes weren’t more browned, but I’d done over the cooking time and was getting hungry.

Tasty few minute stir fry. Tofu, onion, pepper, leftover slaw and rice. With this sauce (got it reduced a while ago, mm). Gotta say pre-fried tofu from the chinese supermarket is awesome, jazzes up all sorts of thrown together meals into a real treat.

Breakfast! I’ve started a new job, its shift work so I had this as a late breakfast/lunch to keep me full up from 3-10, did the trick!  LMC sos, mushrooms, beans and toast. Seeded batch, treat!

Cauliflower cheeze, with added butternut squash. I’d been craving cauliflower cheese for awhile so since had some leftover cheesly and half a cheap cauliflower decided now was the time. Wasn’t really enough cauliflower to fill the dish so used some leftover butternut squash as well. Comfort food! Would’ve been better with something green alongside but didn’t have owt in, or want to leave the house.

Lentil and spinach soup, based on this recipe. Simple, tasty, and actually pretty filling! Usually with soup I can eat a whole panful and still feel hungry an hour or two later. I miss spinach being in season! This was done with the frozen stuff, magic hockey pucks of spinach that add green flecks to your dish. Not the same but it’ll do.


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