Vegan MoFo: No fry friday
November 5, 2010, 1:27 pm
Filed under: food

Most of my foods include frying, even if it is just starting off some veg rather than deep frying a block of tofu or something. So I thought today I could give it a miss. I had some tofu that needs using so came up with this popcorn tofu type thing.

This is my first go at baking coated tofu. Whenever a recipe gives you the choice of baking or frying I always go with the latter, not really trusting the oven will do the job. But these came out nicely! Just tofu dipped in seasoned flour, then soymilk-cornflour mix, then breadcrumb and roasted onions. Lovely dipped in my sriracha salad cream.

Roasted sprouts to go alongside, cos they’re like popcorn too. Why anyone insists on boiling them to a fart smelling mess I’ll never know.

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oh my goodness, your popcorn tofus look CRAZY good. I want to eat them up!!

Comment by ameyfm

Wow.. That baked tofu looks yummmm.. I love roasted onions, I’ve to try this dish soon.

Comment by Pavani

Yummm, that tofu looks amazing. I’m always a fryer (my oven here really sucks) for both tofu and brussels sprouts, but next time I can be bothered waiting for the pre-heating, I’m definitely going to try that out. 🙂

Comment by Megan

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