Vegan MoFo: Pistachio breaded tofu with satsuma sauce
November 10, 2010, 2:20 pm
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This is from In Search of the Lost Taste by Joshua Ploeg, a book that kind of annoyed me. I bought it at a gig last year without really looking through, its got an amazing cover, I loved Joshua’s zine “A Chef’s Tale”, and hey a cookbook at a gig! How could I not buy it! But then looking through it the next day I didn’t know where to start, lots of long fancy ingredient lists, and flavour combinations that I can’t imagine too well. I made a few recipes, but didn’t bother with the sauces meant to go along with them, resulting in pretty unimpressive food.Then it sat on the shelf, mostly untouched.

I chose a pretty easy recipe – pistachio breaded tofu with tangerine sauce. But I couldn’t find tangerines anywhere, so satsuma had to do. I also totally forgot to put minced onion in the sauce.

Absoloute foodgasm. Seriously I was thinking it wasn’t gonna be too great, the sauce tasted kinda off on its own, but together, wow! I made noises. Salty, melt in your mouth, sweetness and tang from the sauce. Agh! Even thinking about it has me sighing.

Sorry for doubting you! I absoloutely can’t wait to make (and more importantly, eat) more recipes from this book.

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That sounds delicious!

Comment by Luciana

say the f what?! that sounds GooD! i think 2010 was the first year i started using pistachios more in cooking. i can’t wait to explore a little bit more with them next year.

Comment by miss v

Sounds divine- glad the recipe worked out!

Comment by VegSpinz

That looks and sounds AMAZING! I love pistachios and with a fruity sauce that just takes it to the next level. Yum!

Comment by T

I know this is an old post, but I’m glad to see someone’s tried out a recipe from that book. I’ve got it too and kind of felt the same, even though a lot of it seemed interesting, the book basically just didn’t make me want to cook anything from it. But at least now I have one positive recommendation from it! 😀

Comment by asharpknife

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