Marinated Asian Tofu
January 20, 2011, 11:48 pm
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I came across the Cookbook Challenge at PPK and since this week is Veganomicon (which I got for christmas and haven’t used loads yet) I thought I’d give it a go. Sadly I’ve seen it late in the week; tomorrow is Ste’s Wild Rice (our favourite takeaway, needs its own post!), saturday I may or may not go out after work, and sunday I’m going to my parents! If I get up early instead of lying in til the last moment I might pull off the 3.

Tonight’s was an unimaginative choice. Marinated asian tofu, since it wouldn’t take long after work, and I had all the ingredients plus stuff to go with it.

Tofu, broccoli with sesame and ginger, sticky rice. Very nice meal, specially considering how little effort was involved. Star was actually the broccoli, must do it that way more often! Verdict on the Vcon tofu – very tasty, but nothing mind blowing since its pretty much my winged marinade anyway.

The other 2 Vcon recipes I have planned are Mac Daddy and Tamarind Lentils. Hopefully I’ll have time! Or just do them next week…


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I am definitely ging to check this out! All my friends are going vegan and they tell me all day long “try this, try that, it is awesome!”. I’ve never really tried tofu but i heard it has a huge variety of tastes.


Comment by Stefan

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