Using up coriander
March 7, 2011, 12:25 pm
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Whenever I buy coriander (buy it from indian grocers rather than supermarkets, you loads more for loads cheaper) I always end up with plenty leftover I have no plans for. I had a look at the index of Veganomicon and noticed the Cilantro Rutabage Puree (Coriander Swede Puree to me!), I had everything bar the swede so picked one up after work and gave it a go, along with a quick chickpea red thai curry.


Makes a nice accompaniment other than the usual rice. The creaminess of the puree along with the tangy bite of the vegetables was lovely. Strangely I was in love the chickpeas even though wasn’t expecting to. I used mostly soy milk instead of coconut, a cheapo UK paste, and couldn’t be bothered chopping fresh garlic/ginger/chili to add like I usually do. Really enjoyable meal in under half an hour, woohoo!


Chocolate White Chocolate Cherry Cookies
March 7, 2011, 12:08 pm
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Long enough name for you! These are a variation on the double chocolate walnut cookies suggested in Veganomicon. Again, very good! I could have done with leaving my cherries in larger bits, they were lost in alot of them. Next time!

I really want to make white chocolate macadamia cookies, any recipe reccomendations?

Black Beans
March 1, 2011, 6:09 pm
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This is my first time trying black beans, they aren’t so common here but I knew I needed to try em after seeing them pop up in Viva Vegan so often. I made the Venezuelan style black beans, and love them! Mild, but still flavorful, kinda sweet, perfect comfort food! Can beans be comfort food? I don’t know, but I say they are.

Also made the fresh tomato salsa with roasted chiles. Very good! I never usually bother with salsas, put off by the shitty supermarket ones, but it really completes the meal. Look forward to trying out more!

PS. that’s just a small plate put together to photograph. Gonna make the orange mojo tofu to go with it later, and have at least double the amount of beans, rice and salsa. Nom!