Vegan MoFo Day 3 – Bacon, Coconut, and a Great Can
October 3, 2011, 10:08 am
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Day 3 and I already our fridge is almost full!

Yesterday I marinated some tofu in the bacon marinade from It Ain’t Meat Babe. I think I’ve posted about it before but its worth mentioning again. Taste’s great, no fancy ingredients (I even used golden syrup cos out of maple), and so much cheaper than buying a pack of commercial vegan bacon.

Lettuce, tomato, and mayo would’ve been even better, but HP does the job!

Next up I was reading something where El Piano (amazing vegan restaurant in York, go!) was mentioned, which got me thinking about this coconut dipping sauce that I fell in love with there. I’ve done many google searches in vain to find out what it even is, nevermind an actual recipe! It tasted like there were peppers in it, and since I’d got some peppers about to go off decided to give it ago. Sadly, our trip to York was six months or so ago. I can’t remember much about the taste other than the peppers, and that I fell in love with it (even wiping out the bowl with my fingers!).

My result had creamed coconut, a yellow pepper, salt, pepper, coriander, bit of chili, dash of lime, and maybe a few other dashes I’ve forgotten. Its nice, but its not El Piano. I don’t remember it being gingery or garlicky, and more cooling than hot, but maybe my memory is wrong… Anyone??

El Piano do a cookbook (or several), buying them is probably a good idea!

And finally, my amazing Ste came home last night bearing gifts of tofu satay skewers (no way I could save any for a daylight photo) and this awesome can.

It tasted like cheap white cider rather than perry, but hey, the can’s cool!


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Gosh that bacon looks great, always looking for new tofu ideas!

Comment by Sarah

That tofu bacon looks great, I’ll definitely be making it soon.

Comment by jojo

ooh, tofu bacon. I’ve made tempeh before but not tofu, will be trying this!

Comment by Caroline

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