Vegan Mofo Day 25 – Awesome Sandwich
October 25, 2011, 10:10 pm
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Yesterday I picked up some of this Dragonfly smoked tofu as it was reduced. I love smoked tofu so have been tempted to try this before, but the small size and big(ish) price has always put me off, this was the perfect excuse to give it a go.

I dry fried it and put it in this badboy.

Poshy olive bread, cheesly (put on the roll in oven to get nice and melty), smoked tofu, tofu sour cream, and sauteed peppers and onion. Yum! I always want sandwiches like this but can never justify buying all the ingredients just for a sandwich. This time everything came along at the right time – the bread and veg (was a fajita veg bag) were both from my dad (past their sell by goodies), cheesly leftover from nachos, sour cream leftover from burritos and the tofu on sale. Great!

Verdict n the tofu – while it was really nice in the sandwich it wasn’t all that smoky. I might buy it again for this price but full whack I’d rather pay a bit more and get the Tai Fun stuff. Has anyone tried the other Dragonfly stuff? I half-remember trying the soysage stuff years ago and finding it pretty meh.

Also! The awesome Retro Vegan has very kindly picked me as a Liebster Blog! The idea is to pass it along to 5 blogs with less than 200 follwers. Well, every blog I was thinking of has already been given it! And, I have no idea how many followers they have. But giving no love would be mean so here’s some recommendations anyway. Some old favourites (old meaning probably discovered last MoFo!) and others new to me –


Tea and Sympatico


single male vegan

Vegan… but not scary

I’ve found lots of great blogs through the MoFo reader but then forgot to bookmark or subscribe, doh! Anyone got any UK blogs to recommend?


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