January 20, 2012, 11:31 am
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I’ve wanted to try Pho for ages, but usually the thought of paying for all the herbs puts me off (tight I know, growing my own would be a good solution but mine never survive longer than a week). I was looking at the reduced aisle, 5p mint, 5p basil, coriander at home. PHO!

I went with a pretty easy and probably untraditional recipe from vegnews. I used tofu instead of seitan, and also some oyster mushroom and red pepper. Result was very nice, and great fun slurping.


While Ste was glued to the Xbox I made myself do some drawing, and since this was on the brain…

(they’re supposed to be steam ghosts, not sperm!)


New Year!
January 4, 2012, 3:57 pm
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Its been a while, was sick of it after MOFO and the winter light, or lack of it rather, has seen my camera sat with dead batteries for ages. But it’s a new year so lets get back on. The past couple of months I’ve developed some bad food habits, mainly pot noodle sandwiches. And eating other junk. So I’d like to start eating better again this year. Being bothered to whip up easy veg filled meals rather than 100% no good for you supermarket snacks.

Here’s one example of that. A quick chickpea and spinach curry. Probably about 20 minutes start to finish. This was a late post night shift lunch, but I’d be happy with it as a simple main meal for busy days.


Next up is tomato soup from Vegan Diner. This recipe uses cashews for creaminess, unfortunately¬† my stick blender isn’t best at getting em smooth but it’ll do. I was dubious at first when blending all the ingredients, but once warmed up it was lovely. And so quick!