Vegan in Krakow
April 4, 2011, 12:42 pm
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I meant to make this a proper detailed post, but I keep putting it off so I’ll just write a quickie instead before I forget even more than I already have…

A  few weeks ago me and Ste went to Krakow, it was awesome! Its not exactly heaven, but with a fair amount of veggie cafs we did fine. Here’s where we went…

Glonojad – This was really close to our apartment (and only across the road from entrance to the Old Town) which was handy. We had the chickpea curry, which was nothing special but what was needed after a day of travelling/no healthy food. Wholesome slop, but not in a bad way. Nice atmosphere, cheap and serves beer (after the first night I was fed up of beer, cider addict!). We came back another morning, Ste had french toast with mozarella and tomato (not vegan obv!) which looked really good. All the breakfasts were egg/cheese based except fried apple slices (with something? can’t remember) which I didn’t really feel like, so just went with a coffee.

Cafe Mlynek – This is in the Kazimierz jewish quarter, in the square with the awesome ethnographic museum. Has a bohemian atmosphere… dimly lit, candles, art, throws etc. I had the houmous with garlic bread, which was freshly made and tasty. Only got 4 small slices of bread (2 garlic toast, 2 rye) so finished it off with a spoon! Ste got pasta with pesto, sundried tomatoes and parmezan. He approved!

Green Way – This is really handy as just off the main square, and open til 10. Cafeteria sort of atmosphere (nicer, but brightly lit, tables close together etc), and food all ready to be served. First time we were in love with it, I had goulash and Ste cannelloni. Second time we made bad choices, don’t order the Kofta (its weird cheese!) or Samosa (dry and boring). I wish could erase that 2nd trip (men in black style?) cos the first was awesome. Cheap, big portions with nice salads.

Vega – Apparently there’s two of these, we only went to one which wasn’t far from the old town. Really spacious, kinda tacky decor but not in a bad way – patterned tablecloths, flowers, clown paintings! We were craving the unhealthy so got soya steak (one beef style, one chicken) and chips. Regretted it pretty much instantly, eating our school dinner type meal with everyone elses nice looking dishes! I was picturing a burger but was just 2 small cutlets with no sauce or owt. They tasted really meaty, to the point of putting me off, especially the chicken one, was like Bernard Matthews turkey twizzlers. Chips were kebab shop style, meh. Don’t be a fat english, order somthing nice!

Momo – I’d been looking forward to Momo’s masala dosa the whole trip, but sadly they’d just sold out as we got there! They’d also sold out of a few other dishes, obviously a popular place. We went for the ‘momo’ (Tibetan dumplings) which were really lovely, nicest dumplings I’ve had. Would be nice to get a side with it though as all the other mains did for same price (or less). Clearly advertised english menu available with anything non-vegan marked as such (hallelujah!). Most things vegan, including cakes. Probably nicest place of trip, shame we only came on our last night. Would love to come back if ever in Krakow again, maybe earlier in the day!

There’s also a couple of health food shops (you can find details on happy cow) that we didn’t have time to find. One thing to look out for are kotlety sojowe (soya cutlets) which are pretty widely available.

Like big tvp cutlets, really nice hydrated, coated in seasoned flour, fried and put in a butty with plenty of trimmings.

So there we have it. Apologies for no photos but hopefully gives some idea of places to eat in Krakow.