PPK Sunflower Mac
February 17, 2012, 5:49 pm
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Midnight in the international supermarket, Ste’s getting cider, I’m getting 49p spicy tofu jerky. Just about to pay and see bags of sunflower seeds 2 for £1. Score, I can make that PPK mac!

Next day realise that they’re unhulled! First I tried a method off eHow, but ended up with a right mess so instead shelled them by hand for 3 hours while watching films. Tedious, but an excuse to stay out of the rain and watch films! The 3 hours only gave me half a cup, so I halved the recipe.


Onto the actual mac – it was lovely. The sauce is light and velvety, very tasty. I only have a stick blender, so don’t always super smooth results, but this recipe worked great. I haven’t tried the Mac and Shews recipe, but can say I prefer this to the AFR cheesy sauce, and the cashew cheesy sauce from Vegan Diner. Good old sunflower seeds!